Investor and advisor for this advanced video technology company. Mike Levy has introduced VueMix to the NFL, the NBA, the PGA Tour, the Patriots, the Warriors, CBS Sports and USA Today. Vuemix is a Santa Clara based video technology company that has developed a revolutionary mobile and PC technology that displays up to sixteen video streams simultaneously. The technology is patented and the app is currently under test with Comcast. In fact, Comcast will be running a trial in Philadelphia next year.

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In golf you could monitor the action on all 18 holes in real time with just 2 iPad screens. In football, you could watch every game simultaneously, view 16 camera angles from one game or monitor the action from games your fantasy team and your opponent's fantasy team are in. VueMix has raised over $3 million and has an all star team of engineers with Netflix and Akamai experience.
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Senior Advisor to this exclusive experiences company. GR8 provides fantastic exclusive experiences in sports, fashion and entertainment for wealthy clients. Sports events include Wimbledon, the British Open, Monte Carlo Formula One and Champion's League Soccer. has been helping businesses and entrepreneurs grow their online presence for years. has helped hundreds companies reach their business goals through designing high-end professional websites, developing custom software applications, and providing effective internet marketing services. With offices conveniently located throughout Florida, our unique in-person approach gives a huge advantage over most of the web design industry which works remotely. With a 100% in-house professional staff, is able to provide its clients with the highest level of customer service.